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Dealing with tilt: learn to control your emotions

Learning to play online poker is useless if you can't control your emotions

Any poker player experienced going on tilt. Yet, the best players perfectly know to handle this state or at least to control it.

What is tilt?

To go on tilt means become frustrated or upset with the game in a manner that has a negative impact on the quality of decisions made which damages the game and leads to the loss of money. Tilt triggers could be lack of rest, endless business trips, real-life problems and other factors that affect the player's psychological balance.

To describe the level of a poker player's game at a certain point of time, let's use A to C grade:

  • A-game is the game at the top of your technical skills.
  • C-game is playing being on tilt. As a result of several failures, the player becomes angry and frustrated. He starts playing loose, jumps to higher limits in the hope of winning back the loss, and completely loses control.

Bad beats, bad cards, offensive opponents can be the actual triggers.

Dealing with tilt

The best advice when going on tilt is to simply close the poker-client. Tomorrow will be another day. You will win your loss back later. By the way, winning in each session is unreal. Once you know to identify your tilt triggers, you will be in a much stronger position to side-step tilt before it overtakes you. The moment you become aware that you’re on tilt, get up and turn off the computer. Take a break and regain your composure.

"Poker Academy" has prepared 10 practical tips that will make you forget about tilt and take the game under you full control. This video will explain how you should prepare for the game session. You will learn to use the hands you do not play to your advantage, and you will learn what really good players never do.


Playing against an opponent on tilt

Oftentimes you may face a player being on tilt at the table. You can detect him by:

  • irrelevant sizing
  • super aggressive game
  • inappropriate chat behavior

This is a great opportunity to make money from his weakness. You might say it's nasty to use one's tilt for making a profit, but would anyone care if it were you? Most probably not.

Where poker tilt is concerned, prevention is always better than cure. You’ll save a lot of wasted time, money, and unnecessary trouble if you can spot the signs on time. Being on tilt the player usually doesn't raise preflop, bluffs a lot, calls too often. Take it into account when playing with such a rival: narrow the range of the pre-flop play, choose stronger hands for showdowns, etc.

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