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blind poker

First of all, you must understand what is it - blind. Blind it is mandatory bet which placed by players before shuffle.

Necessity of this bet due to the possibility to build pot for each shuffle. Almost in every kind of poker games, as you know it is a lot, there are blinds. It is a goal for players, their stimul to participate in bettings and presumptive to win a pot. Lack of blinds would give an opportunity to fold cards at first sign of weak combination. Which would not bring victory. Game would really drag out and bore. Everything is thought out and stands in its place. This is what blinds in poker mean.

What is the point of big and small blinds? Who bet them?

Small blind in poker perform players who situated first on the left from button. The amount equals half of the bet which was agreed in a particular hand.

The big blind must be produced by the player who sits next to small blind. Usually, these bet has to be equal to whole bet of this particular hand.

Therefore, blinds are made by two players on the table, who situated on the left side from dealer. Considering that in every next shaffle the button moves clockwise blinds sooner or later will be made by each participates.

blind poker

Waiting for big blind

When you play online poker pretty often you will see phrase as “waiting for the big blind” or “big blind” on the screen. Depending on what decision will make new player there is an opportunity to enter the game in moment when it's your turn to place big blind. There is opposite situation when new player place big blind blindly, not following the order.

Blinds in poker have character constantly increase. In online tournaments blinds increases every ten minutes. Offline games are slightly different. Here blinds increase once in sixty minutes. Reason is that in real life game one hand might last pretty long time.

What is “stealing blinds” mean?

In poker you can steal blinds. Yes, there is such a thing. Usually, this event is carried on the last stages of tournament game. In this moments blinds become really big then it is make sense to do reraise or simply bluff. It might scare some players, make them question their combinations and induce to fold their cards. It is more common that the stealing blinds are happening from button or cut off positions.

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