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Omaha high low

Omaha High Low - it is one of the most popular and interesting forms of poker games. Today there is an opportunity play in online poker for three different types of Omaha High Low given in most of poker rooms. Omaha High Low also called Omaha 8 and less. There are three main types of the game. Our online poker training offer will help you to understand each of them.

  • Omaha High Low Pot Limit (PLO8)
  • Omaha High Low Fixed Limit (FLO8)
  • Omaha High Low No Limit (NLO 8)

Generally, online games are PLO8 and FLO8.

Omaha High Low Rules

Omaha 8 and less rules are similar to normal Omaha poker. Inattentive players may not understand right away that they are playing an absolutely different game. The difference is manifested only on showdown in determining the winner. Rest of the rules are the same.

The showdown pot is divided in half. And whoever holds the best high and low combinations gets it. Meaning, the strongest and weakest hands win. One player may get both halves of pot simultaneously. Situation as such calls scoop. Also a possible situation when there is not a low hand. Then the whole pot will go to a high combination holder.

Low combination contains five different cards with nominals less than eight. Straight and flush do not count. Also an ace plays as the lowest card (nominal one).

For determining the best of the lowest first compares highest cards. Then second and so on. Less card’s nominal the better is combination. For example: low 6-5-4-3-2 will be higher than 7-4-3-2-А but lesser 6-4-3-2-A.

The strongest from possible low (5-4-3-2-А) is called “wheel”. This combination is the strongest in Omaha 8 and less because it give perfect chance to grab the second half of the pot with the straight.

Omaha high low

Starters in Omaha High Low

For successful play in this kind of Omaha it is important to choose the correct starter hand. Because the goal is to collect scoop, a strong starter hand must have a chance to put together both high and low combinations. So for winning the low pot the best combinations will be such as A-2-x-x, A-3-x, A-4-5-x, 2-3-x-x. And for winning high pot it is good to have something like A-A-x-x, A-K-x-x, K-K-x-x, Q-Q-x-x. If your hand fits both types then it is necessary to play it. The strongest starter in Omaha High Low is A-A-2-3.

It is better not to play rundowns (rows). Hands like this are not too strong even in Omaha. But in Omaha 8 they are practically useless. Also you have to be careful with hands like A-2-x-x, which doesn’t have high potential, for example, A-2-6-T.

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