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To get the maximum out. How I chose my poker training

Hi, everyone. I want to share with you a story about how being fired made me happy.

I worked as a journalist. The job itself was more or less ok, but the atmosphere in the office was extremely depressing. Newspaper sales and advertising revenue were declining, which certainly resulted into salaries’ decrease; the number of duties was constantly growing, the boss was never satisfied, and this affected each and everyone and all the team in general. One day l felt I was fed up with these breakdowns and told my boss that I no longer wish to put up with such an attitude

In the evening, I sat down to play poker. I played it from time to time just for pleasure and I really liked it. That evening I could finally concentrate on the game, as thoughts about the job were not distracting me anymore. Now it was off my mind, and I felt like I've got some burst of energy.

Hallelujah and a thousand dollars

I've been playing all evening and won $50. Earlier my earnings were much lower, and it made me think: “that's a chance I should take!” My boss's screaming was still echoing in my head, but I've already set a new goal - I will make money on poker. My goal was pretty clear: to earn a thousand dollars per month on playing poker.

Since I no longer had a job (Hallelujah!) I devoted all my time to the game. I played eight hours a day, and, besides, took as much free online courses as I could. I made every effort to achieve my goal as quickly as possible, because my savings were rather limited. Yet, I really wanted my life to get changed.



Destructive Tilt

My bankroll was growing, but not as fast as I wished. I made a decision that at the beginning of each month I'll withdraw my “salary”, leaving at least $500 in the game account. In the first month I managed to withdraw $200 which was quite good for a start. But I wanted more, so I dared to go up the limits. I moved up from NL10 to NL25, but due to tilt, I lost $400, meaning my bankroll was drained.

To build the bankroll again, I deposited almost all the money withdrawn from my account plus some of my savings. I had some modest amount of money left for living. The idea of ​​making money on poker became less attractive. But I knew for sure I would not be back to my ex-job.

I felt I'm stuck: that was my first serious loss, which seemed to have destroyed my such a perfect plan. As soon as I managed to pull myself together, I realized that I still want to go on playing poker. But in order to achieve results I need to start training, moreover, learning from professionals.

With the money left I still could afford taking courses, but the current situation required that every dollar invested would pay off in the nearest future. Therefore, I took the choice of courses extremely seriously, having spent a few days studying the information about each of them.


It turned out that there's a plenty of online courses: express and standard ones, expensive and cheap, popular and less-known. I read a lot, collected data on various schools and developed several criteria that helped me choose the best one. As a result, I made up my mind for a course of the Academy of Poker. Why?

1. Practice

Having studied different schools' proposals, I came to the conclusion that courses with no practical part can't be effective. Practice will help honing the acquired skills along with the coach, which means I can be sure that I have successfully mastered the material I paid my money for.

2. Individual training

I looked through the reviews of different schools' graduates and realized that individual training is most effective. Therefore, I started looking for courses offering working individually with a coach. When signing up for the course, I had yet no idea of how meaningful training one-on-one with a coach is: he analyzed my game, developed the plan for my future growth and helped grinding my style.

3. The school

I have been encouraged by the fact that the Academy of Poker has been working for more than 10 years. Therefore, there was no problem to find online loads of positive reviews by the former students.

4. The coach

The coach must be a successful poker player. The coach for this specific course, Marcus Moergis, won $65k last year, and almost $150k this year. Quite impressive, and proves he's a professional.

5. Live-sessions

To get the most out of my training, I decided to choose courses that provide the opportunity of joining the classes in live-session format.

I've found a couple of Marcus’ streams that are available here. I liked the way he conducts the game, voices his thoughts and his personality.

During the session he’s really washed my brain! I gave my reasoning for making certain decisions during the game, and he detected my leaks and corrected behavior models leading to losses right on the spot.

Moreover, I've got a discount of 200 euros. Therefore, the course price was 99 euros only, which is relatively inexpensive for a school of such a level.




What was the final result?

First of all, the course was my chance to earn the cherished thousand dollars per month. Having passed the training, I didn’t earn a $1000.

In the first month I made $700, in the second one - $900, and in the third one - $1200! It made me extremely happy!

Moreover, now I am my own boss, and this boss is very grateful, positive and appreciative. My mornings are not stressful anymore, because I know they will bring me new achievements and success!

If you are interested in making money on poker, but are not sure your experience and knowledge are enough for that, then this course is exactly what you need. Click on the button below and sign up for the course. Hurry up, a discount of 200 euros is available now! It will cost you 99 euros only!

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