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The most dangerous poker hands

Top 5 Trouble Hands

One of the biggest mistakes in poker is overvaluing your hand. Some hands are harder for novices to play. Some are trouble for beginners and pros as well. The difference is that professionals will fold them without investing too much into the pot.

There are several types of poker hands that must be played with the utmost caution. Note that you should not fold them by default. Just avoid being too aggressive preflop and don't rush to boost the pot.

Dominated Broadways

These are combinations like KQ, KJ, AJ, etc. The problem of dominated broadway is that it looks strong and amazing. Thus, many novice players tend to overplay such hands.

Bear in mind that hands like KQ might be dominated when hitting the top pair. A villain could have the same pair of kings or queens, but with a higher kicker.

So don't rush to raise or call three streets with such an amazing top pair. If playing against a competent player, more often he'll have a hand stronger than yours.

JT suited

This one is also a broadway, but we've decided to break down it separately. Many players just adore suited jack-ten and play this hand no matter what.

This hand is really good. It often hits good straight and flush draws. Still, take your time. You can show aggression having JT when you've hit the flop and got good odds against the rival's range.

But it's absolutely improper hand for calling, 4-betting, being too aggressive preflop, or calling with the pair postflop. Wait for a suitable flop and start playing hardball, otherwise, just give up.

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Low pocket pairs

In fact, holding such cards one can effectively catch sets and win. Yet, many players open up small pairs too early.

Pocket 22, 33, 44 and 55 are good in late positions, but you shouldn't open them up from UTG and MP. There are too many rivals to act after you who can 3-bet and corner you.

By the way, you'd better fold low pairs when responding to 3-bet. Unless there's a possibility of a massive multipot with a very juicy fish.

Pair of nines

Premium pairs are tens or higher. Nines are extremely close to the premium zone. Still, play them in a more conservative manner.

A pair of nines is good for set-mining and catching bluffs. Don't use it for 3-bets or jamming preflop in deep stacks. Most of the times you will get calls only from better hands. An opponent will either have loads of outs to improve or will be ahead from the very beginning.

Suited Aces with Medium Kickers

Here, we'll focus on A6, A7, A8 and A9. After all, lower aces have a chance to make up a straight. In case you've got an ace and a suited card from six to nine – all you can count on is flush. Your kicker will be too weak in most cases. So pulling such a top pair through several streets is absolutely useless. Yet, this hand is good for stealing the blinds.

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