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The first day in Poker. How to start?

5 things every rookie should do before beginning playing for real money

Markus Moergis, our MTT coach has gathered crucial tips for the players looking to get started with poker for real money. No advanced theories, no sophisticated analysis, just simple tips and tricks, that are to adopt at the very beginning of the career.

Life will never be the same again. You have decided that poker is not just a game. It should be is a source of income.

To master the game, you should clearly understand what to do first. If you try to study everything at once, it would end with nothing.

If you want to avoid newcomer's mistakes, just follow the guide of mine. These five simple tips will steer you on the right course. Do it and you will not regret the lost time in the future.

Here we go!

The First Step. Review the rules

There are five cards on the board. Q-Q-Q-Q-6. You have quads, but should you call all-in with JTs?

You may be surprised, but in most cases, the call would be a big mistake. A poker hand consists of five cards. It means your hand now is Q-Q-Q-Q-J. Jack is the kicker and this kicker decides who wins. If a villain has at least one higher card, he will win the hand and take the pot.

Sometimes rules become tricky. Review them again and make sure that you understand everything. It could save you a lot of money.

The Second Step. Dab of maths

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You have an open-ended straight draw on the turn. What is the chance of catching a straight?

Poker math may sound difficult first, but the fact is that it is rather simple. Let's assume you have JTo and there are K-Q-х-x on the board. It means eight cards bring you straight: four nines and four aces. Each out is 2% of equity. It means you have eight outs or 16% to improve.

Isn't it simple? Everything you need to know is a multiplication table.

The third step. Choose the room

If you want to take poker seriously, you should look for the way to maximize your profit. It means you should remain in a constant search for the best place to play. You are not obliged to remain faithful to the single room. You may play at two, three or more at the same time. Everything depends on what offers the room.

To choose the best room you should think about 3 things first:

  • Bonuses for new players. More likely, you will start with a small roll. So, you should not ignore special offers for first depositors. It could be money or tournament tickets.
  • Rake and Rakeback. Rake is a fee room takes for the game. Part of this fee room returns to the players. Payback could be in a form of cash, tournament tickets or other gifts. Your task is to find the best offer.
  • The number of recreational players. Different rooms have different conditions for play. It leads to differences in player's pools. Some rooms target professional players, others recs. It means that the density of pros in different rooms may be different. To make money you should look for the easiest fields. The softer the field, the better it is for your roll.

The fourth step. Choose your game

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You should choose your game. There are three options. Cash, SnG and MTT. Try all of them, but remember, one day you have to choose one. You can't master all three games at once. Jack-of-all-trades is a master of none.
To my mind, the best choice is MTT. The key advantage of the tournaments is the chance to win big with little investment. This attracts to tournaments bunch of risk-takers and players who barely know the rules.

Rooms like MTT too and make many promos to support this type of poker. They constantly invent new formats, set big guarantees and, what is even more important, run a lot of freerolls.

The fifth step. Practice for free

It may surprise you, but you can have a game practice without any investment. This is possible due to freerolls (poker tournaments with zero buy-in, but real prize pool). Moreover, free-buy tournaments may become a playground to test the software in a new room or learn the rules of a new game.

Sounds cool, but freerolls have its specifics. The prize pools are usually small. Something about $10 to 50. These tiny pools are divided among a large group of players. Most of these players are newcomers. It means their game is far from perfect and you can't use human logic to explain what they do and why. At least at the very beginning of the tournament. So, if you decided to play freerolls, arm with time and patience. To build a roll you need to get in the money hundreds or maybe even thousands of times.

Luckily, there are other types of freerolls. They have big prize pools and a limited amount of entries. This two factors drastically increase the size of winnings and a chance to get in the money. And we want to present such a tournament for you.

Save your dates! August 23 is the day for a super-exclusive tournament with the limited number of entries and the prize pool of $1000 from the Academy of Poker.

The winner will get at least $150 and what is even more cool, no one will leave the tournament empty-handed. Once again, the tournament is free to enter and you can register in it without even making a deposit. Sounds like a dream, but it’s true. So, the only thing to do right now is to hit the button and leave an application.

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