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Why do MTT is the best choice for the rookie?

Why do recreational players love tournament poker?

One of the most frequent questions players ask us now and then is what to choose cash or tournaments. Huh, guys. That is the question. Both formats have their advantages and pitfalls.

The only thing we can say for sure is that mastering of both these formats require dedication and hard work. However, if you are serious about improving your skills, you can do it and the results of our students are case in point.

For today's article, we asked our MTT Coach Markus Moergis to explain, why did he choose tournaments, and, why he thinks this format is the best choice for the beginners.

Rock it, Markus!

When you win, you win big

The main advantage of the tournament is an opportunity to win big with little investment. If you take the 1st prize or reach top 3 of big Sunday tournament, you will multiply buy-in by dozens or even hundreds times. It is barely possible to do the same in low-stakes cash games.

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Last year Kirill (1983SUN), the student of my brother from another mother Leo DonLeon, won $85k in $22 tournament. Can you ever imagine? $85k in $22 tournament. What a score! What a lucky box!

Moreover, Poker tournaments are probably the only chance to become a poker star. Tournament winners get all the fame and media attention. Cash grinders, even the top beasts, always remain in shadows.

As for me, I don’t care much about fame and stuff, but I have to assume that popularity opens new opportunities, like sponsorship, access to better games or (*cough) joining a team of top training site as a coach.

Play with recs

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Media attention and the opportunity to win big with little investment results in the popularity of tournaments among recreational players. Most of the time they join the tournaments not to make money but to get experience. They have fun, enjoy themselves and do not care much about what the grinders think about their game.

And you know what? The recs do have a chance. Even in the toughest fields in the world. Last year John Hesp, a 65 years-old gentleman from Yorkshire, who has never spent more than 10 pounds for a tournament, made the final table of the Main Event. He left behind more than 7,000 players, took 4th place and won $2.6 million.

Such stories fuel the fire of poker tournaments. Amateurs go on registering tournaments and it makes the fields soft. This in line makes your chances for the victory much higher.

What to test your tournament skills in real-money tournament without any investment? Here is your chance. Join our freeroll and fight for the piece of $1k prize pool in a small field full of beginners.

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Big wins are the reality

Success in tournaments is more than possible and our students have proved it dozens of times. Last year all together they won more than $563,000. I have already told you about the big win of 1983SUN, but here is a couple of more:

Vitaliy. $11,000 during the coaching

Vital e4415


He came to me as a complete nub. We have started almost from scratch and had to work on every aspect of the game. We still remain in good terms and text to one another from time to time.

Oleg. More than $37,000 during the coaching

Oleg 36052

This guy came to me as an about-even player. His knowledge was segmental and chaotic, but we have fixed it. By the end of the learning, we have worked dense on GTO strategies. Now Oleg is free-floating but goes on sending me his scores. This is the case where the student excelled his teacher.

Alex. More than $40,000 during the coaching

 Alex 1a39d

The goal of this guy was to beat big buy-in tournaments. Since the fields in these tournaments are small. We had a lot of stats on most of the regular players. So, our primary goal was to learn to use the stats to make exploits and use the general weaknesses of the field.

Andrei. More than $50,000 during the coaching

Andrei 1cf5b

I have never seen such an aggressive player before. Looks like Andrei studied the game watching «High Stakes Poker» with Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey. The problem was that his aggression went out of control too often. We have to take it down a little bit and forward it in the right direction. Moreover, Andrei had problems with discipline and self-control. Today he does much better.

I can speak about the results of my students forever. Sorry, guys, I can't mention you all in one single article, but I am proud of you.

And if you want to follow the steps of my students, you can do it. The best way to start is my ultimate learning course. It includes:

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  • Software Mastery. On the course, we will talk in details about the most popular poker programs: Holdem Manager, ICMzer, and Flopzilla. Poker Software is a powerful learning tool for analyzing the game and improving your skills.
  • 2 in-person training sessions. Yeah, we will work one-to-one and discuss your leaks. I will explain, what are you doing wrong and show the way to fix it.

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