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Stranger All-ins. Two uncommon spots for jam

Surprise your rivals with uncommon all-in

Poker is a game without any borders, but most poker articles use simplification to structure information. Oftentimes authors of the articles suggest that you should play only push or fold when your stack falls below 12BB and start restealing only from the point of 20-22 BB. It is obvious that sometimes it is plus decision to push with 15BB or make a resteal with 25BB.

They say any spot in tournament poker is unique. Sounds obvious, but it is still true. Any time you make a decision, you should think about a number of factors. Sometimes the best decision is not so obvious. Let's view four spots where all-in doesn’t look like an obvious decision.

4-bet with weak pairs

The logic of the move is simple. If your stack is 25 BB you should open wide from late positions. You do it to steal the blinds and save the stack. Regular players, even the weakest ones, know about it and react with widening of 3-bet range. In other words, their range consists not only from strong hands but from bluff hands too.

Some hands are not good enough to continue versus 3-bet, some are better for a call, some suits better for 4-bet. To make 4-bet profitable, include bluff hands in 4-bet range. This move will help you to balance the range. This way you will hammer out 3-bets and get calls from weak hands.

Some players think that the best candidates for bluff 4-bet are suited aces (A2s — A5s) and suited kings (K9s — K2s). When you open from late positions and get 3-bet, most of the times, you play in position and these hands are good to play in position. It means you should find better candidates for bluff 4-bet.

To my mind, the best candidates for bluff 4-bet are the hands that are not playable postflop, but stand good enough versus calling range of the villain. Low and middle pocket pairs suit these criteria.

Sometimes you will get under domination, but push with weak pair versus 3-bet from reg is much better than call or fold.

4-bet small pairs

Resteal from BB with 30BB+

Stranger All ins 11 ab45b

This trick is not used very often, but you can still use it to empower your game arsenal. Let's break down how it works.

If you are on big blind 3-bet with a stack of 30BB may be a profitable decision. The reason is simple. People from late positions open wide, but only good regs know what to do when they get a 3-bet from blinds. Most of the players just fold in response to 3-bets. Especially when 3-bet comes from the player with a stack bigger than 30BB. Most of the regs will call such all-in tight. Thus, 3-bet all-in with big stack is a plus decision.

Here is an example. BU opens 60% of his range and calls 3-bet from 30 BB with 8 — 10% of his range. If the size of his raise is 2BB and the size of ante is 0.1BB, you will take a pot of 4 BB without showdown in 85%. Even you get a call from a better hand, you still have some equity to win the hand. It means you can 3-bet raises from late positions wide and it would be profitable.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should 3-bet any two versus any opponent with a big stack. Use poker calculators to create a balanced range. Some hands are much profitable to play with call.
To create balanced range you need information about how often your opponent opens from late position and how often he calls resteals. In some cases it is much more profitable to play postflop. Wide resteal is profitable, but oftentimes here are even better options.

If you don’t have any information about your opponent or believe he will overplay you postlop, use a push. It is mathematically correct.

Use bluff push with a big stack

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