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Step by step. 4 things to do before becoming a winning player

4 step plan: specialize, detach, fix, implement

Becoming a winning player takes dedication and hard work. What is even more important is to address your powers and resources in the right direction. To do it, you need a plan and we created it for you. Stick to it and your chances of becoming a winning player will skyrocket.

Pick your way

There are dozens of poker variations and game formats. You can't master them all. Even the legendary players are usually focused specialists. Judge yourself.

Phil Hellmuth is the king of live MTTs. He won 15 golden bracelets and millions of dollars. Phil is the greatest tournament player of all time. At least this is how he asks to call him. But his unconventional playing style has no chances versus average cash grinders from middle stakes from online.

Fedor Holz won more than 32 million in 5 years, but all his winnings come from No-Limit Holdem tournaments. Even at top of his career Fedor rarely appeared at cash tables. And we have seen him playing 2-7 Triple Draw, Razz, Stud or any other strange game from the dateless antiquity.

OtB_RedBaron is a legendary online crusher. His focus is super narrow. He plays exclusively cash on 6-max tables online and he has played this game through. He is the end boss and no one even tries to call this down.

I guess you caught the idea. Devote your time and effort to one single game. And maybe even to one single format of one single game. Don’t try to be Jack-of-all-trades. Choose your specialization and stick it.

Of course, no one can abolish you to play other games. It can even be useful. It will save you from burn out and probably even allow to look on your major game from another perspective.

If you do decide to test a new game, move down in stakes and try to play your way up from the lows.

Jack-of-all-trades, master of none

Spot and detach your leaks

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This is how looks the graph of the most and the least proftable hands of an average grinder

To solve the problem, you are to name and confirm it first. If you can't find any leaks in the game, you are either the Lord God or your game needs a detached view. The latter is more probable.

To find some leaks, you are to play a large sample of hands or tournaments. Hope, your roll is big enough to do it. Nonetheless, some leaks can be found even after a pair of sessions. Your goal is to find as early as possible.

After gathering a large sample of hands, put them in tracking software and look for the spots where you have bad win-rate. Pay attention to the biggest pots (won or lost it doesn’t really matter). Analyzing the hands, answer 3 questions:

  • Did I play well (bad) despite the result? (Yeah, some mistakes end with winning chips, but they still remain mistakes).
  • Should I bluff here?
  • Should I have folded?

You will never succeed in poker without the courage to confirm you have a problem.

Be honest to yourself

Even if you can look at your game objectively, some problems are not so easy to detect with a naked eye. But here is good news, looking for the key leaks, stats analysis, and break down of the biggest pots are major topics of individual lessons of the Academy of Poker learning course. To learn more about it just hit the button below.

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Time to improve

Let's assume you found your game and know about your major problems. Now its high time to plug the leaks.

You can do it by playing and learning on your own mistakes. But you have at least 3 better options:

  • Coaching
  • Training Course
  • Copy the best

Coaching is the most effective way. An experienced trainer knows about major problems that face most of the players first-hand and knows the best way how to fix them.

The problem is that personal coaching is expensive. But in most cases its much more expensive to learn by trial and error. If you really think about getting a personal coach, Academy of Poker has prepared a detailed guide about the best way to find your man.

Another way to improve is training sites. It's far cheaper than personal training but the problem of choice of the right resource becomes even more challenging. Dozens of sites offer hundreds of learning articles and videos. Where to begin and how to find your way around?

The Academy of Poker Learning course is a good starting point. We have structured relevant and up-to-date materials and created a new course, that includes everything you need to become a profitable player. We will give you a winning strategy for different stages of the tournament and learn to update it according to your needs. The vitality of the strategy is approved by poker math and the results of our students.

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Another way to improve is imitating the style of the best players. Today you can learn from the best with playing with them. Dozens of winning players like Leo DonLeon or Markus Moergis create brilliant content for Youtube and Twitch. You can watch them playing, breaking down the hands of their students, or sharing small tips to improve the game off-hand.

No one hides the way he plays today. The only problem is to find the right winning strategy in this infoglut.

Learn from the best

Push Play

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The fourth and the final step is to test your game in field conditions.

Now, when you discovered all the leaks and learned how to fix them, it is high time to implement the strategies you learned. Pay double attention to the spots where you made errors before.

Know your ranges. There is nothing wrong in using ready charts during the session. Even in live sessions. First, you will question and check twice every decision but in the long run you will remember key spots and decision will become easier.

Look for the best game. Pay attention to rake conditions, looseness, and toughness of the field. Most of the times, looser games are more profitable. Even if the completion is a bit tougher. But if you don’t feel the edge, look for another game.

And the last, but not least. Never ignore your shape. Both mental and physical. Don’t play tired, emotionally devastated or sleepy. Poker demands a high level of concentration and a cool head. Get it together and come back when you are ready. Poker will be at the same place.

Show your best

Now, when the plan is ready. Its high time to improve your game and you can do it at the Academy of Poker Learning Course. It includes:

  • Group training to plug the leaks in the fundamentals
  • Individual coaching to fix your own leaks
  • Software mastery, a powerful tool to look for the leaks and work on the game yourself
  • And a welcome bonus from the poker room to found your roll

The course costs €300 but here is good news. We will cover the full cost of coaching. The only thing to do right now is to follow the link and sign up.

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