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Playing Micro Stakes poker: 8 useful tips

Is there a player who doesn’t want to win in every MTT tournament? But winning is difficult, even at micro stakes. Here are some useful notes from us, how you can get prizes at low buy-ins more often.

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Tip #1: don’t be overconfident

Overconfidence in micro stakes game will do you no good. Don’t underestimate your rivals when you’re trying to bluff. Some of them can make wide calls, then all your bluffing will be in vain. Want to prove that you’re good at unpredictable moves and winning in tough conditions? Remind yourself that you play to take a bank from your enemies, not to pamper your vanity.

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Tip #2: bet the value enough for your opponent to call but not very high

A solid understanding of the game is not the main skill of a micro stakes player. Often such player makes the odds even to finish his draw. A call from a draw combination might be interesting but remember that:

  • Don’t bet too early, increasing the chances of your opponent.
  • Don’t bet too much, making your opponent open draw.

Tip #3: All-in at 100BB stacks

You will win more often if you’re not afraid to lose. You can’t guarantee the win with every hand. But sometimes when you have a strong hand, all-in is the right decision. You’ll be able to win more hands this way.

Let’s say, you can call all-in with a strong hand at 100BB stacks because weak opponents call wide at micro stakes. Thus you can win higher bankrolls. But do that only if you have these hands ready: , , , or .

Tip #4: don’t rant in chat

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, don’t judge your opponent. Any poker player can make a mistake. Mistakes would cost you a lot in MTT tournaments, but they are also a logical part of the training process. Haven’t you ever made a mistake? Also, don’t give advice if nobody asked you. Have patience for your opponents’ mistakes.

Tip #5: drop weak hands, play strong hands

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This is a classical strategy, working well for micro stakes. There is no need to invent smart schemes and strategies if you have a strong hand. You just bet. And if you got a weak hand, drop it. Don’t make things more complicated than they are.

Tip #6: pay attention to raises

Your rival was playing passive and then suddenly raised. Pay attention! There is a high chance that he got a good hand, so don’t play if your hand is not strong enough.

Tip #7: bluffing at micro stakes not worth it

When all the players watch the flop and you bluff, you’re making a serious mistake. Only bet if you have a strong hand and check if your hand is weak.

Remember, under no circumstances, you should bluff in a multi-way pot (playing vs. 2 or more opponents)!

Tip #8: forget about your style and change game strategy according to situation

Playing micro stakes, your opponents think only about their cards. If you change your game style, most likely they won’t even notice that. So make decisions you think are necessary.

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