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Multirooming. Easy way to increase your winnings

Is it possible to increase winrate without improving your game?

The poker world is constantly changing. Unfortunately, these changes sometimes go in the wrong direction. The best way to prepare for the harsh times and long winters is to work on your game, but you can also up your winnings without improving your game.

Sounds not so cool, but even the best professionals do it. How about you?

Divide and conquer

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I guess you have already heard something about diversification. In short, it means, putting something valuable into several baskets. People do it not to lose everything at once and you do the same with your roll.

Multirooming is dividing your bankroll among several rooms.

The term comes from tournament poker. It describes the situation when player plays several rooms to take part in the best tournaments.

What are the advantages of multirooming?

To overcome variance you have to play a lot. To reach this goal you have to play many tournaments at the same time. If you play in one single room, you just have not enough tournaments to achieve this goal, but if you play several rooms, you can choose the best tournaments and guarantees.

Cash players also use the advantages of multirooming. Especially those, who play rare games. It would be hard to find enough good tables if you play razz, stud or other exotic disciplines.

Another advantage of multirooming is the capacity to choose the best game. Every poker player knows that money in poker come from weak players. Professionals are in constant search for such players. They are looking for fish everywhere.

The better choice you have, the easier becomes the search for the weak rivalry.

In soft we trust

There are dozens of programs that may help you to find the best tables. These programs will help you to find the best room, the best table, and even the best opponent.

Universal Poker Table Optimizer (UPTO) – the program helps to stack the tables. It is similar to Table Ninja but works well even if the tables that belong to different rooms.

Magic Seat – half-legal script (check terms and conditions of the room) that helps you to look for the weak players among several rooms. The program has many settings, that will help you to find the perfect place. The program has a 7-day trial version.

Memento bonuses

There are dozens of rooms. All of them offer bonuses for new and existing players. If you practice multirooming, you have access to the best offers in business. Never ignore special offers; they can increase your profits.

The idea is simple. If you play several rooms, you can get several bonuses. Just keep eyes peeled. Follow the news, and look for the best promos. Something interesting is always over there.

Now when you know about the strategy of multirooming it is high time to work on your game. How to start? Join «Up the Game» Course and improve your strategy after every lecture. Here is what you get: group training, three individual lessons, Holdem Manager masterclass, and bonus up to €30 from the poker room. The total price of coaching is €300, but we are ready to pay for you. Learn more now!

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