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Make friends with Suited Aces

3 easy steps to improve your game with suited aces

Suited aces are awkward to play. The main difficulty is you often don't know where you are in the hand.

This article is about three main mistakes that players make with suited aces. We will help you to avoid them. Follow these recommendations and your winrate will go up very soon.

Don't Limp! Become an Aggressor

Forget about limps. This mistake may cost you a lot of value.

If you choose a raise and take control over the pot, most of the times it will bring you more money.

Raises and re-raises with an ace and small card of the same suit work because they have blockers and boatload of equity on postflop.

Do you understand the concept of blockers? Basically, it means when you have an ace in your hand, the chance that an opponent has another one is less.

This shifts the range of the villain towards pocket pairs and broadways. Check the poker calculators and see that suited aces have good postflop equity versus these hands.

Use suited aces to loose 3-bet range

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Don’t cramp! Play Aggressively Postflop

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Aggression is key to success. You have probably heard about it dozens of times.

Passive players don’t win enough hands without a showdown. As a result, their winrate suffers hard.

The only way to increase non-showdown is bluff. And the best type of bluff is semi-bluff.

Small suited aces are perfect for it. Use them to barrel or bluff-raise. Suited aces have a good backdoor and fold equity. It is your back-up.

Backdoor with one overcard on the flop has at least 19% of equity versus top pair. Far from perfect, but let's break down a little deeper.


Your hand: (19%)

Villain: (81%)

What about scary cards on later streets? Use them to represent strong hands. Go on with barreling and make pairs to give up.

Remember, even if you deal with a stubborn calling station, you still have that 19%. 

Stay aggressive postlop. Use the power of scare cards

Don't Go Nuts! Top Pair without good kicker is only bluff-catcher

Another major leak of the field is diving into big pots with pure top pair.

You have a blocker, but it does not necessarily mean that the opponent can't have a better ace.

When you have a top pair, the situation drastically changes. The difference is now you possess tons of showdown value.

Your hand: 


There is no sense to fire on this type of board. The reason is simple you will only get a call from hands that beat you.

So, this spot is better for passive play. Check back and do your best to keep the size of the pot small.

The relative strength of the top with a weak kicker isn't great. It's an ideal bluff catcher but not a hand that you can bet several streets for value.

Top pair with weak kicker is just a bluff catcher

Now you know the basic strategy of playing with small suited aces. It is an important part of the game. Knowing how to play with them will save you a lot of money but it is only the tip of the iceberg. What about suited connectors, small pocket pairs, and broadways? Want to have a ready decision for the most game spots? We can help.

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