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Make Friends with Ace King

Simple plan to profit with AK

Ace-King (a.k.a. AK) is one of the top hands in poker but sometimes it is awkward to play. The main difficulty is that the hand hits the flop only once in three times.

Luckily, poker is not a solitaire, so you can win with AK much more often. Let's beat the matter and find out how to do it together!


Let's make it dead simple. Raise or 3-bet AK preflop at all times. It is a powerful hand and you always want to get more money in the pot when you are ahead.

Another reason for the raise is initiative. You have probably heard it dozens of times but let repeat it again. Aggression wins. If you made a bet preflop, you have a betting lead. It means you can take the pot by simply continuing the betting.

How big should be the raise?

  • 3bb when you are the first-in
  • 3bb + 1bb for every limper when there are limpers

What about raised pots?

  • Reraise 3x in position
  • Reraise 4x out of position

If you want to know the exact sizings for single raised or 3Bet pots, you can learn them at Academy of Poker learning course. Click sign up below and destroy even the strongest players at the table.

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The rule has an exception. When you face a raise from a super-tight opponent who had made a raise from early position. His range may be extremely narrow. In some cases, it may include only pairs higher than tens and AK.
Statistically speaking, you are underdog versus this super-tight range.

AKvsNit 10c87

The last thing to do here is to set off raising war. In this spot call is not a crime. Flat and try to outplay predictable nit postflop. You have one key advantage. You hand is good disguised.

Raise is a default, a call is an exception

Hit the flop

If you have a top pair and top kicker on a dry board (, ), play AK straightforward. Bet all three streets unless the board is bad for it.
The reason is simple. Novice players just have no fold button. You could flip your hand face up and they still keep calling.

The simpler, the better

Missed the Flop

What about missed flops?

No worries. AK is the best non-paired hand. Most of the times, your opponent has nothing either. Even if he has a pair, you still have two overs that could improve to top pair on turn or the river.

Keep up with the aggression but if you are called, slow down. It may mean that you are beaten. If you got a call on the flop and didn’t improve by the turn, just give up. Do not see this as a weak play. This is just the reality of poker.

Missed flop is not a loss


Knowing how to play AK is crucial to your success.

AK is a tricky but at the same time pretty simple to play. Many people try to over-complicate it. But the truth is the best way to play AK is just play it as straightforward as possible. When you hit top pair just bet until there is a clear reason not to do so.

It is the basic strategy of playing with AK but the devil is in detail. How to balance 3-bet and c-bet range with AK? How to play this hand in a multi-way or after a donk-bet?

You can learn it at the «Academy of Poker» training course. It includes group lectures, individual coaching, software mastery, and bonus from the poker room. The course cost 300 but you can get to join it and study for our cost. To learn how it works click the button below.

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