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How to schedule your MTT’s

Why is it important?

It gives you a great overview on what to play on each site and at each time you want to start playing.

It can help you keeping your average Buy-In at the needed level which should be at least around 300 BI in your Bankroll from the average Buy-In you are using. For a perfect schedule use formulas for Buy-Ins, cashes, Rebuys/Add-ons, Bounties, Avg. BI, etc. to keep it simple, but rewarding for yourself. Having a stable schedule makes it of course easier to know when you have time for other things (studying, private life, workouts, etc.). To keep the balance between your poker life and your personal life, use start AND possible ending times for all tournaments, because it helps you to know when you might have time for personal things, like going to the gym or meeting friends, etc. .

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How can it look like?

The most important thing, because it will show your winnings and losses, is to show you the Buy-Ins for
the session and per each site (if you play on more than one site). It might also show:

  • The Starting times
  • The late-reg time
  • Probable AFS
  • Avg. Level of players in that tournament
  • Bounties
  • Cashes

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If you want, you can also add several other things, like:

  • Average length of the tournament
  • Track ROI on the tournament

Pro‘s and Con‘s of having a schedule


  • Don‘t loose overview of your bankroll, daily BI‘s, amount of tournaments
  • Helps you figuring out where you might loose to much money
  • Or which tournaments you are not playing with a good ROI
  • Helpful for appointments /private stuff as it shows the MTT starting times/end times


  • A lot of work to have it running smoothly (formulas, links, etc.)
  • Needs to be updates often
  • Schedules change on the websites a lot
  • You might miss out on new tournaments

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