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How to play Flush&Straightdraws

Obviously – Be Careful!


C-bet (if and amount) depends on:
  • Position:

Depending on which position you are in, you can play it more aggressively or more passively.

In Position: Play it more aggressively

Out of Position: Play it more passively

  • Stacks:

Depending on your stack size and the stack size of your opponent you can also play your draws more aggressively or passively

Big stack:  Rather passively to not get into a big pot with just outs instead of being ahead

Short stack: You can play it more aggressively. You take your equity in the hand to double up + you can also create some fold equity vs. the opponent to win the hand directly.

  • Style of player:

If your opponent is rather tight and passive, you can play your draws pretty aggressively. You will win the pot instantly many times.

If the opponent is a loose and maybe even an aggressive player, you can be a bit tighter/ passive yourself. He will do the betting and even if you hit your draw, you will get paid many times.

  • Stage of the tournament:

During early stages of the tournament you will have more chips and can pay easier to hit your draw (always have odds/ pot odds in mind!).

In later stages this might be harder to do, so you have to run with your equity when having a draw vs. your opponent.

  • Know what to do on the turn:

Have a plan on how to proceed when hitting/ not hitting your draw on the turn as both the player in and out of position. Also keep, again, stack, style of player and stage of the tournament in mind.

  • Keep ranges in mind the whole time:

Think about what your opponent can/ can’t have. This should give you an idea on how to proceed vs. each player. If the range does not include too many hands that hit the flop, you can be more aggressive. If the flop hits the opponents range a lot, then try to be a bit more careful!

  • Don‘t be afraid of aggression (especially if your stats show you an aggressive player type)

A lot of players like to just bet AFTER they hit their draw, but this will lead into missing value, because the opponents will also be aware of the board completing draws. Also, when you don’t hit your draw, but you bet before, you can bluff your way out by showing enough aggression (you implied already, that you liked the board the way it was)

  • When out of position, have good odds or implied odds

Don’t call vs. bets where you will get the right price! If the pot odds are lower than the odds you get, then you should not call. It will lose you a lot of chips in the long run

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