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How to find a perfect Coach? The quickest way to the poker highs

5 traits of a good trainer

You have read dozens of poker articles, watched hundreds of videos, and spent hours discussing poker hands with friends, but the results are still well below of your expectations.

You are thinking about hiring a coach. It is the right decision and good investment of your time and money. Individual learning is the fastest way to improve. The problem is that today coaches are everywhere. Dozens of winning (and not necessary wining) players call themselves coaches and suggest their service to hundreds of players who want to move their game to the next level.

How to choose the right coach and not to splash out? We have prepared a guide that will help you to complete this challenging mission. Hope, after reading it the choice will become much easier.

Experience in Your Games

If you want to crush a certain game, look for the coach, who is currently playing this exact game. Or, at the very least, has an experience of playing it. The more recent experience, the better.

If you are a tournament player, look for the tournament player. If you want to master cash, look for the player who is playing cash. The same is true for the limits.

Mikita Badziakouski forgot all the issues that face low-rollers. He can explain how to build an unexploitable strategy to crush the strongest rivalry in the world but is helpless against crazy stuff from micros. His strategy will still work but the lowest limits are usually beaten with other tactics and tricks.

Leo DonLeon, the Academy of Poker Coach, knows the game at low limits firsthand. His average buy-in is $20. He plays these tourneys on regular basis and runs playing streams to show his strategy works. You can watch one of them right after finishing this article.

Will to Teach

Let's assume you have found a good player from the limit you want to beat. What's next? Another key point is the teaching skills of your future coach. He doesn’t need a degree in Pedagogics, but he should have desire to teach.

The fact that the player understands what is he doing doesn’t make him a good coach. Maybe he has just no passion to explain basic and obvious concepts to complete nubs. Even if he is a close friend of yours.

The strongest players are usually more interested in playing than coaching. It is easy to understand. Playing brings them much more money. That’s why the best players do not coach, that’s why if they coach, they cost a lot.

Luckily, there is an exception. Some players just love this game and they want to share this love with you. Even Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu sell learning courses. Bet, the last thing they thought about when they launched them was money.

The math is the best proof

A good coach should not only say how to play but also explain why this exact strategy works. The best way to prove it is the numbers.

You can learn poker through trial and error at the table. But you will save much time and money if you test your theories in laboratory conditions first. The duty of a good coach is to teach you how to do it.

In this short video Leo, our MTT Coach, demonstrates the capacities of ICMzer for creating open push-charts. After watching this video you will learn to do it yourself but it’s only tiny bit of ICMzer powers and the trainer can help you to learn them all.

Mastering of poker math and software is an important part of Leo Personal Training. The coach will teach you how to use filters in Holdem Manager 2, create preflop charts in ICMzer 2, and balanced postlop ranges in Flopzilla. To learn more about the coaching hit the button below.

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Roots for you

The students will not care how much you know until they know how much you care. The best teachers know about it and use this trick in studying. It is true not only for poker but also for all forms of teaching.

The trainer may have a large experience of playing your limit, he may know how to explain even the most difficult poker concepts and prove it all with difficult calculations but something is still lacking. The fourth element of the success is personal relationships.

The information that originates from the close friend or at least friendly guy absorbs much better. The trainer should care about your results. He should feel disappointment when you fail and be happy if you succeed. It motivates to try harder and makes the wins even sweater.

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Track of records

Even the best coach in the world can’t guarantee the success. But if the coach has a list of students, who managed to achieve success, the chance that your collaboration will go big becomes much higher.

Some guys are great players, but not great teachers and are unable to transfer their knowledge to others. Those who can will be eager to show you examples of others like you whom they have helped.

The freshest example of our student's success comes from Partypoker Monster Series. The student won $2,378 in one single event and Leo prepared a hand review of this deep run.

The students of Leo won more than $350,000 in live and online tournaments. And this number goes on growing. Want to follow their steps and become a poker bosses too? Leo will teach you how to make profitable plays with ease and confidence. You will get a simple working strategy and learn to update it according to your needs. The trainer will plug all the leaks, break down your game to pieces and then gather it again in the right order. Want to learn how the training goes over? Just hit sign up below and get your trial coaching for free.

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