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High Five. 5 tactics that make you profitable player

Easy-to-use strategies to make the game simpler

Simplify and conquer! Make your decisions easier and watch your winnings go up. These quick work at cash tables and in tournaments. They are easy to implement but work like a clockwork.

Let's go! 

Never Limp

Never ever enter the pot with calling of the big blind. At least when you are the first player to enter the pot. It is a weak game and there are at least two reasons for it.

The first one, you cannot win a pot preflop with calling.

The second one. When you enter the pot with a limp, you give your rivals behind good pot odds to enter the hand. You invite them to join multipot. And to win a multipot, even with the best holdings, is way harder.

Limp is money to burn

Fewer hands, fewer problems

There are no limits in No Limit Hold'em. You can play as many hands as you wish. But the more hands you play, the more troubles you have. Even if you are the best player in the world, you cannot play'em all.

So, if you are only at the beginning of the road, develop solid preflop ranges and stick to them. Play fewer hands, but do it aggressively, even the weakest ones.

Play Tight and Aggressive

You can use ready charts or study to create them yourself. Here is a video to help. Leo DonLeon, our MTT coach, shows how to build them with use of ICMzer 2.

Bluff with Draws

You cannot win in poker without bluffing. But you cannot bluff every time you make a bet. So, the question is, how to build the right bluffing frequency.

The easiest thing you can do is to limit bluff spots to the situations when your bluff hand has chances to improve. This type of bluff is called semi-bluff.

Don't bluff with empty hands, do it with flush draws, straight draws or overcards. Chance to improve is your parachute, back up for the cases when the opponent doesn't trust your bluff.

The best bluff is a semi-bluff

Play strong hands fast

Bet with strong hands hard. Build bigger pots and protect the equity of your hand.

But, there are some exceptions:

  • check when your hand is super-strong and there is no danger of being outdrawn;
  • check when there are no scare cards that may kill the action;
  • check when the range of your opponent is super-weak and has no showdown value;

If you are not sure about the range of the rival or power of your own hand, just bet or check-raise. 

Bet with strong hands

Protect your big blind

You have invested one big blind in the pot. It means now you have better pot odds to call.

It doesn’t mean you should call raises with air, but mediocre hands like K9, Q8, or Q6 will do.

The defense range depends on 4 factors:

  • Position of the original raiser. The later the position, the more hands you can protect.
  • The number of rivals. If someone has called the original raise, play tighter.
  • Bet sizing. The smaller the raise, the looser you can play.
  • Effective stacks. Call fewer hands with a short stack

Another important factor is your postflop skills. If you are not sure in your game, tighten your range. It is contrary to poker math, but this decision will save you money.

Defend BB wider

These simple tips will certainly make you a better player, but it's too early to stop. To crush stronger completion, and go up the limits, you need more advanced strategies, and you can get them at «Up the Game» Course. What does it include?

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