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Handling tilt

What is tilt?

  • Not being able to react in a proper way in specific situations due to emotional leaks that stop you from making rational decisions
  • Losing what is important for the long run - You are the better play and will win money by being patient
  • Changing your strategy and losing your A-Game, losing your perspective

Where does it come from?

In Poker:

  • Bad Beats
  • Not having a playable hand for “a long” time
  • See other people always sucking out and making bad plays that still win them chips

In Life:

  • Beliefs from when you were a child
  • Different behavior from different people
  • Other perspectives

Tips how to handle tilt

  • Make one thing clear - You don’t deserve anything in life
  • Tilt teaches you a lot of things

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It comes in situations where you:

  • Feel uncomfortable
  • Where you have few experiences
  • You have a bad strategy
  • You are overwhelmed
  • Have too high expectations (e.g. when all-in as a favorite and you still loose)

If you prepare enough for those situations, you can overcome the tilt that usually comes with it

It is hard, but:

  • Try to focus on YOUR game
  • If you are sure, you did not make any mistakes, why tilt about it?
  • Stop blaming your opponents (“bad play”, “such a fish”, etc.)
  • Don’t take tilt from poker/life into other situations

It will affect those close to you as well. Be able to stop a session where you feel the tilt coming. Chasing losses never helps, especially if you aren’t able to play your A-Game.

Move down in stakes:

  • It should make playing easier (easier decisions)
  • ry out other plays where, so far, you lost all the time (not that costly to try it out on lower stakes)



  • NOT: “I want to make X€ in the next 4 weeks”
  • BUT: “I will do my best to be a profitable player over the next 5000 tournaments”
  • OR: “I will focus on my play from the Button and avoid making costly mistakes”
  • OR: “I will make a note for every player I play whenever I see a big mistake, so I can exploit him from now on”
  • etc.
  1. Reaching those goals is easier than setting yourself utopian money goals
  2. Focus on this and make small steps instead of one big one that is almost not possible to reach
  3. Stop focusing on the big crushers, because they “run so good”
  4. Focus on yourself!

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