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Attend to a free course at a new platform

Academy Poker launched a new learning platform with a nice and interesting interface. Enjoy!

Every time we think about the improvement of our courses, because we care about students' comfort and success. Pay your attention on our new learning resource, which is based on Moodle!

Apply. Then click on the button at the end of the article or here. You will receive an e-mail with a guide.

Sign up for the course

Then you must register.

NOTE: A new account will be required even if you are registered on our website.

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After registration, you will have an access to training. Now we are creating a free course "Freeroll Master". Just click on the course name and sign up for it.

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After that, you will open all the possibilities of the new platform!

At first, watch the video tutorial. This is a course guide that will help you understand how the new platform works.

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Consistently take classes at any time convenient for you!

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Watch video tutorials without reference to the schedule - even during the day, even at night! The videos are be available, and you can always go back to them.

Do your homework in stages.

We want you to learn the material better, so each lesson has homework at the form of a test. Do your tests in right order to progressively open access to the next lesson. Watch the video tutorial in class, do your homework, attach it. Just click on the banners to open the course item, which you are interested in.

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When you watch 4 video tutorials and complete all the tests, you will get the access to the bonus lesson. It will take place on certain days and times. So don’t afraid  if, after 4 classes, you will not immediately be able to get to the bonus lesson.

Free course "Master of freerolls" – is a unique opportunity to pull up poker from the entry level and learn where and how to earn on free tournaments.

  • You will learn how to play profitably against different types of opponents.
  • You will understand how to make positive decisions at all stages of free tournaments.
  • Learn  poker math and how to count pot odds and number of outs.
  • Learn how to find profitable freerolls in different rooms.

Click on the button, sign up for the course and enjoy the new learning resource!

Sign up for the course

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