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4 rules of a winning player in modern poker

Proven tricks to profit in poker

Markus Moergis, our MTT Coach, has prepared an article about four rules of winning players. He knows about them first hand and there are two reasons for it. First, he is a winning player himself. Second, he has a ton of coaching experience and helped dozens of players to start profit in poker. Read the tips and big winnings will become a step closer.

#1. Consistency

Imagine, poker is a gym, where instead of building your body muscles, you are building your brain muscles. Is it possible to build a perfect body if you are training only once or twice a week? Of course not. The same is true when it goes about poker. Mastering the game is a hard job.

If you play only once or twice a month, you will never become a winning player. Poker will remain just a hobby. There is nothing wrong about it, but if you are reading this, looks like you are looking for something else. Take note, consistency concerns not only playing, but also watching learning videos, streams, reading strategy articles, or discussing hands.

You can't master poker without playing. Learning without practice is useless, but playing without learning doesn’t work as well. Learning and playing go hand in hand. Without playing, you will lose the sense of the game, without studying, you will stop improving.

At the very beginning of poker career, you are to learn as much as you play. And the most effective way to learn the game is to work with a professional coach. Yeah, it may require some investments, but it is still the shortest way to making money in poker.

If you want to start winning the poker top too? We have great news for you! Affiliate poker room is ready to pay for your training at the Academy of Poker at a cost of 300. Leave a request now and study for free!

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#2. Mental Game

Today professional poker is much more demanding. You are to use every opportunity to get an extra edge. That’s why emotional control and mental game become a vital part of success.

Even Fedor Holz, a player with career earnings of 32 million, who knows everything about tournament poker, has a mental coach. He helps him to bring his talent in full swing.

Even if you can’t afford a mental coach, you still can make small fixes. Avoid tilt at all costs (just stop the session when it begins), don’t play tired, intoxicated, or depressed. Don’t crush keyboards or mouses and never go to limit higher to cover the losses. Most of the times it ends only with even more losses.

Foster an inner champ. Stay calm and cool whatever happens. How to get into a good mental shape? My recommendation is simple.

  • Mediation
  • Stable Sleeping Schedule
  • Regular physical activity
Work on your mental shape

#3 Where to play

It may seem that all the rooms are identical and the choice of the room is the last thing to bother about. Wrong. All rooms offer different playing conditions.

Some have terrible rakeback, but weak field. Some offer a good loyalty program but are filled with good regs. Some have a weak field, good rakeback, but the soft is terrible and unreliable. Sometimes rooms ban for using additional software and it makes the process of learning a bit harder.

I guess you caught an idea. Choose wisely. The fact that you just like the company or have played in the room for a year or two, doesn’t mean you should stay with it till the ends of times and have no right to play somewhere else. Everything changes. Good room may turn into the garbage or vice versa. (The latter happens not so often).

The good news is you can play in several rooms at the same time, and take the best offers from different playgrounds. To get a detailed plan on how to play in several rooms, read this detailed guide on multirooming and learn the way to improve your winrate without even working on your game.

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#4 Stay ahead of the curve

Knowledge is power. The key part of the success is access to the information that other players do not have.

You won’t become a winning player or go up the limits if your skills are just about average. To become the winner, you are to exploit the leaks of the field and use the strategies that are ahead of the curve.

In the old times, the grinders and desperate poker fans used to search for this strategy themselves, but nowadays you can credit the learning to the professionals because they have already done the hardest part of the job for you.

So, the last question is how to get access to these strategies. You are lucky because I have done the major part of the job for you. I have structured all relevant and up-to-date materials and on prepared a learning course. It consists of group training, individual coaching, and poker software mastery. I will also give you preflop charts, and explain how to use and update them to ever-changing conditions at the table. The price of the course is €300, but if you join it this month, then poker room will pay for your training. It means you will be trained for free! 

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useful tips. I will try to put into practice
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Nice photo with two monitors. It looks like my workplace))
06.11.2019 в 15:41
Sometimes I watch a video of Marcus. Interesting and very useful. I think the course also does not disappoint.
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Very important tips. I will try to follow them
young pokerist
young pokerist
06.11.2019 в 16:14
Thanks for this rules. I'll try to winning all of my opponents.
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Denni de Farto
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