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4 cheat codes to exploit most typical poker mistakes

What hundreds of players do wrong

Leo DonLeon, the Academy of Poker MTT Master, looks through most typical mistakes from low-limit poker tables and gives instructions on how to counter on them. Avoid these mistakes, exploit them, and watch you win-rate go up. Read, enjoy, and share your thoughts in the comments below.


Trust me or not, some players still open-limp to see the flop cheap or whatever ideas they have in their minds. I have no idea where do they all come from, the only thing I know, I never leave such plays unpunished.

Your Cheetcode. Attack limpers with raises. The size of the raise should be a bit bigger. Bet 3 big blinds (+ 1 big blind for every limper in the pot) in position and 4 big blinds (+ 1 big blind for every limper in the pot) out of position. You do it to isolate a weak player and remain with him in a heads-up pot.

Over-raising preflop

over raiser 31a00

This mistake is an even surer way to leave more money at the poker table. The reason is simple. Over-raisers just build bigger pots with weak hands and I collect them kindly.

Your Cheetcode. The most effective way to exploit this leak is 3-bet. There are two types of 3-bets: polarized and merged.

In the first case the range of 3-bet consists of strong hands and the hands that are not good enough for the call, but still are playable postflop (weak suited connectors, weak suited aces and kings, and small suited gappers). In the second case range consists of strong and marginally-strong hands (AT, AJ, A9s, KQ, KJs, KJo, KTs, and stuff).

Polarized range is used when the opponent folds to 3-bet more than half of the time, merged range works better versus guys who are ready to call regardless what.


In 2019 poker became much more aggressive, but old-school dinosaurs still have a very narrow range of 3-bet. It may consist of only super strong hands like JJ+ and AQ+.

Your Cheetcode. There is no sense in setting off a raising war. Just make your 3-bet call and 4-bet ranges tight to extreme.

Queens and Ace-King are not good enough for 4-bet, but you can still use them for call. 4-bet range is even more tight and strong. It consists of only kings and aces.

C-bet out of position

cbet man 7e7f5

If you made a raise preflop and got a call from the player in position. The best strategy on the flop is check. The reason for it is a stronger range of the caller.

Many players ignore this fact and go on with the aggression on any board and you have to do something about it.

Your Cheetcode. Damn fire with fire. Raise c-bet with a wide range. Force the opponent to pay more with the draws and put pressure on his value range. It would be hard to call your re-raise with anything weaker than set.

Another adjust you are to make is a wide raise versus checking range. If the opponent c-bets wide on the flop, his checking range becomes super weak. It means you can take easy pots.

To learn the way I build c-bet range and 3 questions I ask myself before making this bet, check out the article on this topic I wrote last month.

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