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4 biggest fears in poker and how to fight them

Tournament prizes spring up like mushrooms. And every day there are more and more stories of newborn poker millionaires on the internet. But the game is changing, getting more complicated. Thus the competition between players is tense. Novice players wonder, is it even worth to start playing? What if the poker game is too stressful and you’ll just waste your time and effort? Let’s review the main fears in poker together with the Poker Academy and try to find all the pros and cons.

Fear #1: I’ll waste too much time

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Playing poker for a couple of days is enough to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees. A new player has to start from the low limits game and then climb his way up. Promotion takes time. What’s good about that is that you can start with minimal deposits. No need to have a thousand dollar bankroll at low stakes, a budget of $30-40 usually is more than enough.

Fear #2. I’ll have to study hard

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In modern poker, nobody can win middle and high limits by learning only through the game. To become a winner, you’ll have to analyze your game, search for mistakes. A basic software like Holdem Manager can help you with that.

This is painstaking work, and it’s not as interesting as battles at the poker table. But this work will bring you money. And you don’t need to be extraordinarily good at math or any other subjects. A key to success is diligence and a sense of purpose.

Fear #3: Losing streaks will destroy me

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Even the legendary poker players had their bad times. This is a part of the game. Nobody can avoid losing streaks, but you can learn how to deal with them.

When you have tough moments, think about this: poker allows you to have fun staying at home, anytime, while sipping your coffee. There is no boss to tell you when you should finish your game. You decide when to have a break for a date or playing football with friends.

Fear #4: This Bad Beat again!

Bad beats are painful, especially when you’re just starting. Sometimes you can’t understand how these fish players with the random hands get their outs on the river. Sometimes it seems like this never ends. But you know what else has no end? Your growth opportunity. In poker, you’re not limited by any career ladder or company budget. There are no limits for earning money. In modern poker, you don’t need to learn everything all by yourself, like it was before. Even great players join in teams and help each other to improve their game.

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